In Memoriam Maxim Tarasenko
q This Web site is constructed based on the numerous publications and archive materials by Maxim Tarasenko. Maxim was one of the leading analysts of Russia space activities, those who set the basis for the open independent analysis of then-Soviet space program.
q In the early 1990s the small blue paperback book became a real breakthrough. In the time being, almost everything is allowed; in that time, even the title of the book - The Military .Aspects of Soviet Cosmonautics - seemed almost unbelievable. However, Maxim was able not only to write the book, but also to publish it in our home country. The next monograph he participated in was The Russia's Strategic Nuclear Armaments that became the bestseller as well.

q Maxim passed out when he was finishing the new book. Taking into account his researches during the last decade, this latter would become a real sensation not only in Russia, but in the international research community as well.

q Maxim's book is practically complete. Also, a lot of Maxim's articles, conference reports, the large space programs data base still exist. I believe that to open Maxim's files and archives for the experts and Russian space program enthusiasts would be a best thing we can do in memoriam.

Dmitry Pieson