03 september 2001
The works of Maxim Tarasenko
r SPACE PROGRAMS AND BALLISTIC MISSILES PROLIFERATION. 6th International Summer Symposium on Science; Germany, July 8-18,1994
r "Twinkle, twinkle little Topaz", THE BULLETIN of the Atomic Scientists, July/August, 1993
r "Russia's place in space: a home view", SPACE POLICY, May 1994
r From Confrontation to Competition and Cooperation: Roadbloocks and Bypasses. IAA-94-IAA.3.2.637; 45-th Congress of the International Astronautical Federation; Oktober 9-14, 1994 / Jerusalem, Israel.
r "Russians May Ban Space Weapons", SPACE NEWS; February 15-21, 1993.
r Program "MIRROR", Institute of Space Policy, Russia.
r Russia's Place in the International Space Program: Russian View. 17 Dec 1993.
r CURRENT STATUS OF RUSSIAN SPACE PROGRAM and its implications to global cooperation and competition. IAA-95-IAA.3.3.01; 46-th International Astronautical Congress; Oslo; Okt 2-6, 1995.


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